Vettrivel Raja

Vettrivel Raja

Singaram – Singaram came to this forest from Tamilnadu to cut down those trees which his chief has bid the licence to. His duties include bringing and managing the workers at this work. It’s been years since he started with this job and he knows this place and the people here very well now.

Singaram has a lot of respect and love for Arputhamma. It is Arputhamma and Sita who help Singaram with cooking food for the workers he brings.

Sita was much liked by Singaram too from the beginning, but only in an affectionate way. But every man’s feelings would change under certain circumstances. Sita too was ill fated to come under such a circumstance under Singarams eyes. Her beauty aroused another character of Singaram in time. He too started having desires for her.

But one day he tried winning over her but failed miserably. He could not overpower Sita. He regretfully cursed that moment and left that forest.