Santhosh Damodharan

Santhosh Damodharan

He was similar to a wild beast who got lost from his pack. The fifty-five year Old’s gaze was so deep into one’s eyes and his face never knew what a smile was. The thick beard with stripes of white hair on his face made his stout body even sturdier. He was as mysterious as his name suggests.

He was in a group that came to the forest with the contractor to cut down wood. It was this contractor who took Suruli to Arputhamma when he was bitten by a snake in the forest to save him from the snake venom. That was when he first saw the beautiful Sita with Arputhamma. His mind had worked it all out. He realized he had reached exactly where he was searching to be for all this time.

In time, Suruli understood Arputhamma was a challenge in his plans for getting more close to Sita. He didn’t even flinch a bit when he murdered Arputhamma. The monster within him was already awake by then. After her death, he conveniently made it easier for him to become the caretaker of Sita.

Everything went as per Suruli’s plans. Sita eventually came to be in need of a man’s protection. Her desires as a woman started to be awakening in Suruli’s presence and she finally had to give in to his wishes. Suruli married Sita.

It was on the same night of her marriage that Muthu, her first husband, returned after leaving her for two years. It was this exact moment that Suruli also was waiting for Muthu.

At last, it was Suruli who won over Muthu, but where his calculations missed a mark was in front of the woman – Sita. And for that one fault in his plans, he had to give up his life. The mysterious Suruli lost his life in that deep forest leaving behind the many riddles about him unanswered. But even his final breath had the might of a beast.