Arul E Siddharth

Arul Siddharth is a skilful editor in Tamil Film industry. Graduating from New College, Chennai with Bachelors in VISCOM he decided to pursue his career in editing understanding his keen passion for it.

Being an enthusiast on delivering the best cuts and an observer of finest details, he is known for his Editing skills. His patience, creativeness and abili­ty to work under pressure marks the name.

As Editor
Dejavu (Tamil) – starring Arulnithi.
Wazir (Telugu) – starring Naveen Chandra.
OhMyGhost (Tamil) – starring Sunny Leone, Satheesh, Yogi Babu.

As Associate Editor:
Gulebagavali (Tamil) – starring Prabudeva, Hansika.
SaravannanlrukaBayamen (Tamil) – starring Udayanithi.
Airaa (Tamil) – starring Nayanthara.

Worked as associates under Editors – Vijay velukutty and V.T Vijayan.

Contact: +91 9629003807, +91 8015763733

Arul E Siddharth