Soundara Raja

Soundara Raja

Marimuthu was a decent young man like every other man with many big
dreams. Muthu was a handsome, funny and amusing gentleman. He was a
Jeep driver, but it was his dream to become a Lorry-owner, even if he was
sure that was almost impossible.

It was only by coincidence that Sita came into his life and he decided to
marry Sita.

After marrying Sita, Muthu went into the valley inside the forest to live with Arputhamma to hide himself and his secret. After the first night he had left Sita with Arputhamma and promised her that he will be back in a couple of days.

But sadly, police caught him on that journey and arrested him for being suspicious about the money and gold he had with him. He waited two years in prison and finally found his chance to break out and run.

He walked up to the old forest valley hoping to live happily with his Sita for the rest Of his life, using the money he had hid in that house. But that night when he reached the house, he realized that his Sita was someone else’s wife now. Moreover, the fact that it was Suruli who had married Sita was even more shocking for Muthu.

He sensed Suruli’s plot was to have his vengeance through Sita, and also to find the bag that was stolen from him. He was dreadfully afraid of Suruli and painfully sad about Sita. Finally he confronted Suruli. He overpowered and defeated Suruli once again, but leaving behind all his dreams about life and his unending love for Sita, he too had to surrender to death.