Devananda S S

Sita- a decent demure young girl who had a lonesome childhood and teen­ age life. She had very curious and mysterious beautiful black eyes. Hoping for a simple happy life, she came with a determined mind to live with Muthu in that forest. But sadly, Muthu left her before she could start enjoying her new married life. Her only companion now was an elderly woman named Arputhamma.

Sita slowly comes to terms with the fact that this forest is her only world now. She is no longer the girl who had feared the darkness, snakes or any such lethal creatures. She had learned to defeat her demons that come as beasts from within the deep forest, or those brutal men who come from outside. She brewed that bravery up within her heart for she knew that a mistake made even once, meant the loss of her life.

It was just pure coincidence that brought Suruli – a fairly middle-aged man, to enter the life of Sita. She did not particularly like any men.

Finally, she thought she could have a new life. And the woman in her had to give in to her physical desires for the touch of a man, and at last she agreed to marry Suruli. But that very night, Muthu returned.

Suruli and Muthu both took the path of vengeance and hate against each other, and Sita was stuck in the midst of both of them without being able to make a choice about who is right.

In order to regain whatever little respect which was left in her honour, Sita once again had to take the butcher’s blade in her hands.